Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"The Speech that Killed JFK"

Watch the video below. It was posted by some conspiracy nuts, but sometimes they get it right.  Throw a zillion darts at the wall eventually 'one' will stick.

I'd never heard this speech before, but I can see why certain powers that be would be unhappy with it,...and him.

President Kennedy gave this speech three months before the famous "Lone Gunman",...or Gunmen assassinated him. 

Stay Tuned.


  1. His comments about the press especially stood out for me. It's become the diametric opposite what he said it should be; its primary purpose is now not only not to inform, it is to distract and bamboozle, befuddle and deceive.

    BTW, I've read that Kennedy once declared he was going to smash the CIA. Anyone know of a way to confirm this?


  2. Well he must have said it because they killed him...or allowed him to be killed.

    In time everything comes out. in 150 it'll be common knowledge what the hell really went on in the 20th century...all of it.

    ...and no one will care.