Friday, January 8, 2016


Half the folks here for weeks are from Mother Russia. Yesterday 802 folks from the States 786 from Russia, and another 200 or so from the rest of the world. Well mostly Dutch, and German fans.

This is never reflected on the right there in the numbers. However I get the real deal on my internal dash-board. 

Anyway I feel obligated to do more Queer stuff because That's I'm pretty sure why the Russians are showing up. Doing this sort of blogging is illegal in Russia now because of the Anti-Homosexual Propaganda" laws over there.

They can't publish anything positive about Queer matters.

Eastern Europe, and the whole of the Middle-east, and most of Africa the same prohibitions. So they come here to western outlets.

This isn't a site like "Pink News" over in the UK where there's news, and such or even the former "Milk Boys". That page keeps getting shut down by site providers. Heck I just had my own Queer page nuked by Tumblr. "Tumblr" is "Nuke Happy" they shut sites down almost at random. 


The difference here is that Queer pages are attacked/nuked by commercial providers, not the government. They shut you down you just start up some place else...I did that for years.  You try this anywhere else out there you are well, and truly fucked.

If you're lucky you'll only go to prison where you'll be tortured raped, and maybe killed by the other inmates.

So I feel a responsibility to be "Faggier" here.

We'll see what happens.

Stay tuned.


  1. "Milk Boys" has been back up for a little while now. They had some economic problems it seems. The thing I really wonder about is if Josh is still running it or one of his friends or what?