Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hunted in Russia - documentary


  1. What awful people. What a horrible place. What a hideous, evil religion.

    Oh, and by the way - to say that "these people don't deserve to exist," as one of those characters does - that is the quintessence of genocide.


  2. I thought Isis was the home of the New Darkness. Seems it's spread around pretty thick in the East. I feel like a person in a safe country hearing about the Holocaust as it was happening.

    With no one doing 'anything' about it directly.

    Roosevelt said, in ducking out of direct action, our hero said. "It is by winning the war that we might save these suffering peoples."

    Yes he was right, a way.

    He still didn't do direct acts like bombing the rail lines or the SS garrisons that maintained the camps. Heck even that bastard GeneralPatton when he was secretly briefed on the ongoing Holocaust suggested as much.

    He was turned down as was the Polish government in exile in London.


    The interests of Global Politics, and the still evolving shape of the Post War World let the Camps continue their work.

    Same now.

    Yeah a few official remarks here, and there about the Queer genocides in Russia, and Africa...'not' the Mid-East though. ...interesting that.

    Obama did bring the subject up on his recent trip to Africa...'once' a speech. The crowd Booed him.

    So there we are.