Saturday, January 16, 2016

"Space Plane Returns!"

The incompetent homicidal butt-holes at NASA were finally forced to retire the nearly 30 year old Space Shuttles. This after allowing crashes that burnt alive a number of Astronauts.

They 'knew' the ships were too old they 'knew' that we should have been up to "Third Generation Space Planes", but they let the ball just keep rolling. This even after they murdered astronauts by their complacent total lack of imagination, and corporate corruption.

Don't get me started on them Bastards!

Well the sharp teeth of evolution given the inability of government space agencies to adapt came up with solutions.


Private Companies whose goal is to exploit the Hell out of Near, and Deep bleeping Space! This as opposed to hanging on doing make work till that pension comes around!

"Spacex" Go Here:

"SPACEX" has the contract to service the International Space Station. They're doing it in style too. Look above at the shots of their 'cool' space plane! Hey I ain't one to glorify capitalism, but in this case the fuckers earned a bit of praise.

They put us back in the Space Plane business!

This while NASA the "Astronaut Killers" were busy scratching their butts, and picking their noses. Fuck'em!!


Stay Tuned.

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