Sunday, January 17, 2016

"Gender gives me such a Headache"

These lads above there have to go about in relative secret messing about with their identities. In other countries this would get them killed...actually here too. However slowly people are getting the idea that being "different" isn't an automatic Death Sentence.

A sentence that all are free to carry out with impunity. So yeah a tiny bit of progress. Sometimes they let us live. ...thanks.

As I say below all this gender stuff other than for making babies is an annoying, and sometimes deadly fad. Mind you like everybody else I could go on for volumes on the subject, but don't worry I won't.

Suffice...what anybody thinks they are is 'Their' business...period.

That means 'you' "FUCK OFF!"

Unless invited in...get it. 

Folks can be 'anything' they feel they are or want to be. In any fashion manner way or whatever as long as it's not fucking someone 'else' over.

Okay I'm glad we've had this little talk. Now go out into the world, and play ice. 'And don't let me hear you're still messing anybody over...Got That?! go play.

Stay Tuned.

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