Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Bring it On!"

This is 'nuts' this is point blank 'Nuts'. A half-hour ago we were in the middle of a for real blinding bleeping white-out Blizzard. Today it's near 60f. It's actually hot in my digs. I have my living room/pod-station window open with the fan's blowing in 'warm''s January 31st. Welcome to the new "Normal'.

People on TV are cheering the high temps.

These folks oblivious of the Climate Catastrophe this reflects. Wild gyrations in weather is the hallmark of our global climatic changes. Ultimately this will likely lead to our early extinction. 

'But then we won't be here for that so like a guy on TV just said about the warm winter,."...this is great bring it on!" ...sure pal. This likely means your great grand kids will starve, but yeah, "...bring it on.

                                                                      The Future. 

                                                                   The North Pole.


A dear friend just posted on Face Book how "the snow is melting, and spring is in the air" etc... How nice this all is.

It's January! JANUARY! Not SPRING.

It's Not Supposed to be this WARM. Don't let them make you think this is okay or normal...


I think if it were Global Cooling we'd all get it Better. If it was 39f on July 4th like it was just 70f on Christmas Eve. Things might be clearer.
We are witnessing a slow motion end of our world as we knew it. The new world taking shape will not be all that hospitable to humanity.

eh,...get it?

Another pal just posted:  "We're Doomed."

Sez I:   "In the long run yes. Though we can do things that might prolong our presence on the planet. However we're too stupid greedy, and stupid...did I say stupid? We're too stupid to do it."

Stay Tuned.

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