Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Jay Rothman" 1948~2016

 Another Friend has Passed. Jay Rothman was a special person. Big hearted brilliant, and adventurous. I mean in mid-life he went off to Australia to be a fire fighter. It's a desert country, and wild fires are a constant threat. During the last "Fire Season" he was a hero.

When he was here I knew him as a broadcast engineer, and co-host of a show we did back in the 1990's. He was a brother a pal, and cooked great.

                      ( Jay seen here at WBAI radio when it was over on East 62nd Street. )

It seems those in my circle are falling like the leaves in fall. They say circles of friends, and family tend to go at roughly the same time. Aw well,...it's been real.

                                                 ( So long Jay see you, and gang soon. )

Stay Tuned.

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