Sunday, January 31, 2016


As many regular readers recall I was a Broadcast Engineer for about a 1000 years. In that capacity back before the digital era I was new, and low person on the Totem so had transmitter room duty.

Fine by Me I felt. All I had to do was take/monitor telemetry read comic books, and doze. This btw was on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.

Anyway after a while I got into the habit of having my lunch on the ledge. Unbelievable view. The wind made music, and the air was fresh being above the smog-line. I also began taking walks about the building on that narrow gravel ledge.

Actually you can't go 'all' the way around because of that indentation in the middle...half was good enough. I recall often coming to that very indent, and looking down about 1000 feet. 

      Oddly at the time I wasn't freaked out at all. Helluva View No?

Btw while on these tours I was often on cocaine, and or speed. In them daze these vitamins were more that socially acceptable. In fact the Recording, and Broadcasting Bizz was running on the stuff for over a decade up to that time. 

Ya has to remember that Crack, and all the evil crap was years in the future. Anyhow there I was...not unlike the guy in the video below.


Bleeping except I had damned 'building' around me! Hey I was crazy back then, but 'Not' this Bleeping Krazy!! 

                                         Good Fucking Grief!!!
                 My techie hat is off to you pal! Long may you wave!

       I hung out on the ledge of the 86th floor.  At the bottom of the  
    photo above. Nuts huh,...well I liked it fine, and would do it again!

  ( Watch the insane video below to put this insanity into perspective. )

Stay Tuned.


  1. Impressive. I can't bear to look over ledges like that. Scares the crap outta me.


  2. For whatever reason...maybe the rumored Native ancestor somewhere back there. Anyway heights have never bothered me...still doesn't mostly.