Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Wadda ya Expect,...they're French"

The French government wants to demolish the make-shift tents at the Calais 'Jungle' camp and force 2,000 migrants to live in shipping containers that, refugees claim, resemble a detention center.

Around 300 'Jungle' inhabitants recently clashed with riot police, who fired rubber bullets and tear gas to break up the protest against the compulsory move.
The treatment of migrants and refugees by the authorities in Calais is now plastered on a wall opposite the French embassy in London. "Banksy" has made his latest political point.

 Steve Jobs by Banksy

It’s not the first time the street artist has used art to highlight the plight of refugees living in the so-called Jungle camp in Calais. First he shipped his Dismaland structures to help build make-shift shelters in camp; he then stenciled a picture of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple clutching a computer in a bin bag because Jobs was the son of a Syrian refugee.

Stolen from the Guardian/UK 

Speaking of our pals the French. I recall how quickly they caved to the Nazis. Not only that, but collaborated in record time. They even did them Nazi fucks a nice solid by turning over French Jews to them.

Eh, this before they were asked to.

I have mixed feelings about the ungrateful bastards. Ain't won a war in 250 years. They put Mayo, and Vinegar on their fries. They hate our guts because we're cool, and they ain't we're an Empire...tho' in decline, and they ain't.

Heck even after we finally lose our Empire thing we'll still be seriously cool,...and they won't be.

Oh yeah, and them bleeps are shooting at Refugees now. 

Well if nothing else they're consistent. 



  1. This sounds like bad behavior. But I wouldn't be too quick to bash the French as Vichy facho-Nazi wannabes. They and the rest of Europe are in big trouble. The scale and character of current Muslim immigration constitute a genuine threat, the fear of which cannot be simply round-filed as racism or intolerance. Widespread islamization is a real possibility.

    There's probably no happy outcome to this scenario. The stage has been set for future conflict. At this point the peace and security of Europe are likely things of the past.


  2. Yeah strictly speaking I see ya point. Still i say fuck da French...this on general principle. In fact 'we' ought to be taking most if not all these maniacs in.

    Ultimately this mess is all our fault.

    So yeah let'em in or at least the old folks ladies, and kids. As for the young men that like raping robbing or are Isis wannabees, and assorted loonies I say dump'em at sea, and we call it a day.

  3. P.S. - 80 percent of the migrants are young men.

    Problem with Islam is, it's an unreconstructed Abrahamic faith. The Sleep of Reason returns to Europa's land on bat-like wings. Looks to me like there's a fair chance of religious-flavored civil wars coming down the pike. Time to start hiding the paintings and statuary, especially the nudes. We wouldn't want them to go the way of the temple of Baal.