Sunday, January 17, 2016

"Bob da Bunny is 'Still" Watching"

                         "The Price of Carrots is Eternal Vigilance."


  1. OK, so I'm thinking of doing a book or a blog - maybe both - called "Magnificent Youth." You can kinda guess what the theme will be. It'll be mostly art, mostly my own. Some pix will be mythological, drawn from imagination. Others will be of real persons, based on photos. Mythology and cultural historicism will tie the whole thing together. Whaddaya think? Also, I may use a different title which I have in mind, but won't mention here because of all the busy little self-appointed censors on the Internet; but you get the idea.


  2. I understand about censors. My book about my life with Pacifica Radio is going to be called.

    "Eat Shit you Jew hating Eunuchs!"

    I can see the coffee mugs already.

    You kidding yeah this is a swell it dammit!!!

    You have the "Shine" in you. You can make this magic happen. Sounds better than any of the crap I've been grinding out for decades.

    Your own art is the best way.

    I remember many comments when i started online saying what was special about my noise was that I was making the whole thing from within. Ya know the rants the art makes it unique.

    You're bleeping unique.

    Please do this or I'll cry. Though I ain't going to bed or anywhere else without my supper...forget that noise! to it!

  3. So how will we find your site Z?

  4. Thanks so much for your encouragement Sidney.

    I'll post a link in about a month, at an auspicious astrological moment. The blog will cover a range of topics, as I have many weird interests, with beautiful youth as a recurrent theme.

    Ho Megas Kouros!


  5. Thanks for that information Z. I am looking forward to it!

  6. Btw I most strongly advise that you 'not' put this work on one of the "free" blog servers. You 'will' be deleted.

    Buy a domain name, and your own page.

    Even at that search carefully for one that is tolerant of artistic endeavors.