Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Open Book Test"

A comrade came up with this answer. "16 because caramel makes sheep's bladder toasters wear smoke."
Ah yes I came up with the same solution.

However there was that unspecified "wind resistance". Which given the car's rate of speed I calculated to be...no not the same 20KM/H, but 16.5KM/H. This throws the whole equation off.
So in taking the 16.5KPH wind resistance into account Pedro ceases to exist in this continuum.

We can if you like speculate as to where he went, but for the sake of brevity I'll hold off for now.

The key to this equation is the "Triangle".

These are usually made of steel. Sometimes an exotic alloy, but for again the sake of brevity we'll say standard instrument steel. The human arc of throwing due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2 directed downward.
That plus the now known wind resistance. The triangle landed off the road 8 meters from the original moving point of projection.

This being so Ralph Bennett a homeless vet living by the side of this road finds the triangle. He eventually sells it, and has just enough for pastries for himself, and his fellow vets back at the camp.
Ralph buys 20 assorted day old pastries. Doughnuts Cream Puffs Napoleons Croissants, and six coffee's that the cook threw in free,...hey it's for our vets.

"The Solution"

The answer is of course "20 assorted pastries." ...plus one Soul. Pedro's.

This is not counting the pastries that Pedro bought on the parallel earth he appeared in.
That is another calculation entirely. Still lets give it a thought.

When Pedro attempted to buy 'his' pastries one of his bank notes was a trifle off. It seems on this other earth the U.S. one dollar bill has the portrait of "Arron Burr" on it. Still his Five was good so he wasn't shot, and tagged by the clerk which is the law over there.

Math is just so much fun.

Stay Tuned.

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