Thursday, January 19, 2017


 I was just reading from a site preaching how that great financial crash is sure to come,...and it is.

Anyway these con-men are trying to bamboozle upper middle class yokels into buying in on their green survival crap. Ya know so they can continue to live bored happy lives while their neighbors are fucking staving to death around them.

Yeah right. 

The folks in these "Green Haven" outposts will be over-run by hungry desperate armed people from the cities, and 'burbs. If you're going to do this your community needs to be 'heavily' fortified. That, and protected by tough bastards with military experience that don't have a problem with mowing down the mob. 

That's cutting down hordes of men women, and children with .30, and .50 cal cross fire.

Don't forget the fragmentation mines liberally spread around your compounds, and pre-sited mortar firing zones further out. 'Course you'll need front loaders not only for farming, but for digging long trenches for the bodies.  Ya don't want the dead to poison the water table.

This will be a harsh cruel violent world. 

All that green hippy stuff is out the window. It'll be you vs them...there will be no government no National Guard no nothing except you your families your food, and your defenses. That Crash 'is' coming, and this is the sort of world it's going to give us. 

As for me I live in NYC...I'm staying. I'm a stone cold New Yorker. I'm staying put! 'Course this means I'm going to either get hanged shot or if I'm lucky quietly starve.

Stay tuned.


  1. Yeah, I've noticed that the farming homestead fantasy is popular with many doomers. For the great majority it's just that - a fantasy.

    Not all the ideas suggested in the piece are bad ones, but the general tone of the article, or ad pitch or whatever, is way off key. Bourgeois subsistence farmers will enjoy "voluntary frugality." They will never have a broken leg or arthritis or plantar fasciitis when it is time to milk the goats or slop the pigs or feed the bloody chickens, which tasks they will always enjoy. They will participate in a thriving local economy characterized by wise financial planning, in a world which will be tearing apart at the seams and pitching into a screaming hell all around them.

    This idea may be slightly more realistic than certain rich people's plans for burrowing into underground hideaways, but even if I had the money, I think I'd buy into something else.


  2. So would I. Such communities no matter how well funded will eventually succumb. They'd have no consistent outside support.

    Food fuel ammo will in time run out, and the people would have to disperse, and take their chances to the starving masses.

    Which is to say they're fucked.

    They just put off their fates for a few years at most. This coming Dark Age will last several centuries. What kind of culture will arise at the other end who can say or imagine.

    It's just that this one is over.