Sunday, January 22, 2017

"History",...and Nightmares (Post from Oct. 2014)

It's just after 6:00am New York or Emerald City time. I just got up after sleeping for over 12 hours. Seems my body is still healing from the medical adventures of the past week...I feel a bit yucky still.

However on the whole better.

It rained like mice, and weasels for most of yesterday. Still I went out to take care of many weeks of laundry. Also some shopping. More art supplies fruit, nuts mineral water, and a newspaper.

They chopped off the head of another British Aid Worker, and are about to behead an American soldier. "Isis" are the "SS" of this era. Yes there are plenty of other butchers out there having fun spilling blood, but these maniacs are different. The represent the policy of a government.

Or at least a government in their fantasies.

They will be brought down in time, but till then the heads roll. I don't only mean the few westerners they've killed, but the many thousands that have been already lost to them. That, and many thousands more to come before they're put out of business.

I'm thinking of the post Genocide world. It will come one day don't know when, but all storms pass, and so will the current ones. In Africa Asia the Middle, and Far East. All those little Genocides add up.

A village here a school there a whole ethnic region yet over there. It adds up. Future historians will likely group them all together. Maybe they'll call it the genocides of the "Post Cold War Chaos 1989-2025".

Students will study it, and do papers on it like they do for the "Belgian Congo"mass killings of the 19th century.

Like after World War 2 mountains of dead will be found. Vast mass graves dug up, and the fallen re-laid to rest in sacred ground elsewhere. The youngest survivors will carry the memories of it into the 22nd century. 

Institutions will record their Oral Histories of it as they have done for the WW2 European Holocaust.

Of course several decades down the road they'll be another era of genocides.

'...and well...

Stay Tuned.

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