Saturday, January 21, 2017

"Oh the Climate..."

I thought I'd mention that despite the two arctic vortex events,...that btw only skirted NYC. Seems January 2017 is one of the warmest on record for the Northeast.

At the moment we're weeks in the high 40'sf, and low 50's. Temps more normal for early April.

It's 50f right now, and will stay roughly that for the next week.

In fact the whole cold season roughly from November to late March has been tepid. However of course climate change is a Hoax by the Chinese.

I always thought it was the Italians.

Actually I was just speaking with an old friend about the climate change. How I actually mourn the loss of winter as we once had it.

It's now warm or vaguely tepid when it should be cold.

Rains when it should snow. It's windless when it should be howling through the bare branches.

My friend is French Canadian.

She misses her climate too. Here in what for her is the deep South even our once "normal" winters were strangely warm to her.

She was used to -20f as a normal day. Snow that doesn't melt in a few days as it does down here.

Rather it accumulates all winter. It piled up to the second story of her childhood home.

To me that would be a kind of paradise.

To her it was just winter, and nothing to take note of.

We are creatures of where we're hatched I guess. Which is why I so miss my original natural habitat.

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