Sunday, January 22, 2017

"The West is Red"

We're in the Red indeed just look at the national checkbook. The way things are going I'm looking forward to our pals the Chinese to call in their paper on us. For whatever reason our owners sold Trillions of bucks worth of our insanely huge debt to our former deadly enemy.

Btw when 'did' these guys become our "Former" Deadly Enemy, and our Loan Sharks instead. I really don't remember seeing that one on the news.

Well anyway what's done is done.

Our fucking balls are now owned by the guys we fought tooth, and nail bayonet to bayonet with all over the damned Korean Peninsula. Look up the Korean War kiddies makes for interesting reading.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Remember when Nixon went to China? That was the first step to where we are now. Just because Beijing is now our loan shark doesn't mean they're exactly our friends. Let's hope they don't dump their U.S. bonds all at once.


  2. BTW, if I become a bit scarce for a while, it's because a frenzy of busyness is liable to overtake me about now. It'll probably last for a few months.

    I hope I haven't been too negative lately. I do find it a bit challenging to maintain an upbeat outlook in today's climate. Rose-tinted glasses and half a joint a day would probably help.

    Speaking of climate, Thank Zeus the rain is ending here tonight. I was about to write my local congresscritter and demand the drought back.

    I'm studying a foreign language. I still say it's not too late for you to learn Mandarin.