Sunday, January 22, 2017

"I Love the French"

Actually I don't know any currently living French people. I did once. I had several Gay Radical French Comrades back in the day. They all perished in the AIDS pandemic.

That thing was like World War One. It devoured a whole generation of beautiful men, and boys. Aw well.

As to my love of the French. Well I love everyone that bothers to read my stuff. Lately that would be the French. This week there were 1500 or so page views by these folks.

For a while it was the Ukrainians, then the Germans the Russians...never the Brits. They almost never come here.

Some Chinese seem to like it here as do the Dutch.

So welcome to my French readers. Btw the images above are the Angels, the Devil, and me. They're after my soul or my comic book collection or both.  Being all Holy, and Sweet I'd be a neat feather in Satan's cap if he should win me over.

Com'on make me an offer.

'And 'not' one of them ironic twisted Twilight Zone deals. As for the Angels we all know what they have to give.

Suffer persevere pray work hard be humble, and you'll be kicked in the face tossed into prison beaten starved gang-banged one day you'll get out be homeless, and then get squashed by a cross town bus being driven by a drunk stoned Satanist.

Yep that's the deal.

Ain't we lucky. I'd rather take my chances on door number three. Anyway these are the guys that have been following me, and the rest of us forever.

Wish these Spooks would get another hobby other than making bets on how much they can fuck up our lives.  I'd say they've run this "Job" thing pretty much into the ground.

Be back later.

Stay Tuned.

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