Monday, January 30, 2017


I am so encouraged by reactions of people around the country, and the world to the "Resident Elects" edicts. The Women's March drew near 3 Million people out into the streets. I don't know the numbers for around the world. However in this land taken together it was the largest protest event in the history of our Republic.

I don't say this as just a political chant. It seems it literally was.

Now people at all the airports who are against the Muslim Ban. At so many airports here, and again around the world. I think we're recovering from the shock, and horror of that man's strange election.

Millions are moved to "Move".

However as I've read. This sort of power needs to be focused, and used. Otherwise it will be dismissed. Which is exactly what that man, and his administration, and his press allies have done.
It 'will' be dismissed, and forgotten.

If all it was a gesture, and everyone goes home feeling satisfied.

We can't stop we can't let the power that so many created just drift away as has happened so many times. The Machine counts on us always forgetting. Being distracted by TV the web drugs, and letting the power to took with our own hand to drift away.

Oh to be a kid again.

Out in the streets as a teen against the Vietnam War, and later in my 20's in the streets again for a Queer's right just to exist. We weren't fighting for marriage or any other convoluted middle class crap. We were fighting for the right just to be Alive.

The 'Right' to Live.

I think we all have to do that now. For all of us the whole sweaty deranged lot of us out there making art science wonders, and laughter. We have a "Right to Life" too.

Stay Tuned.

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