Saturday, January 21, 2017


Trump just announced he will eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts. Well no surprise there. Trump will give the Christian far right their wet dream of destroying all the institutions they for generations have hated.

PBS NPR a whole list of Arts institutions. Science, and History foundations as well. Basically the unleashed Christian Right will gut all of them.

This was inevitable.

One day they were bound to come to complete power, and they have. Now they will carry out their lobotomizing of American culture. This is how books, and libraries are burned in the 21st century, just de-fund them.

On a tastier note...

I went to an "Inaugural Brunch" with my pals today. There were many jaws hitting the floor in unison as soon as the "Resident elect" opened his trap. I believe "Utter Disbelief" is the phrase. Wow that old guy out did his self. One doesn't know where to begin.

With "America First" where the new boss declares economic War on planet Earth.

Apparently we're going to fuck over embargo, and over tax all the stuff that gets sent into this particular shit from China. A country that we're already unofficially at war with.

Did ya hear how one of their Hunter Killer subs just surfaced in the middle of  an American Carrier Battle Group.  I mean surfaced with nobody knowing they was there all the time.

This was a shot over our bow.

This was a message from our old pals the "Chi-Coms". ...whom we owe $Trillions$ to.

Simply put it said, "...Okay ya Arrogant Yankee Racist Greedy Shit-head Has-been!"

"Say Hello to the New Kid on da Block!'

...See What We can Do?'

"Get the Fucking message?" 

"You fuck with us we will sink every ship you got in an fuck off!"

...and it seems they can too.

Imagine if that sub was under orders to sink that group...they would 'a done them all before they knew what was happening.

Eh,...these are the same nasty guys that Trump is fucking with btw...just say'n.

That or the domestic "American Carnage" section where he promises to rip the country apart form end to end apparently for the fun of it. I was watching everyone on the ceremonial platform with him seething with venomous rage as he tore into them.

Liberal conservative didn't matter. If you were part of the government it was the gallows for you. Mind you I've often had the same sentiment. Just a bit more particular in who gets to dangle in the air with they're eyes popping out, and their tongues ridged as they involuntarily crap them selves. 

Eh,...or do I go too far.

I enjoyed in particular Michelle Obama's "if looks could kill" stare at the guy. In fact the whole crowd would have gleefully ripped that scumbag limb from limb. Like a scene from the "Purge". Suffice to say our hero didn't make any pals among official Washington that day.

Well actually that was the point. He's the new Capo, and shit is going his was or no way.

Well I look forward to the chaos as he tries to deport 12 million human beings out'a here. That, and the Texas "Berlin Wall" on Speed Crack, and Whiskey he still intends to slap up along the 1000 miles of the U.S. Mexico border. If done right it will be the largest public works program since the Interstates were built back in the 1950's.

It will be visible from space.

Imagine American xenophobia visible from the bleeping Moon...what will the saucer guys think?

Also there's all his noise about bringing high paying 1950's industrial jobs back...I imagine he'll have to build vast numbers of giant Time Machines to get all that stuff back here. Hell I wouldn't mind visiting 1958. I really miss my grandma.

Anyway we're off to the races gang.

If today's Zillions of Gleeful pissed off  Folks in the streets from coast to expensive coast for Women's Rights is any clue about numbers. We're in for the Party of the Century,...several of them.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Slapping tariffs and trade protection on cheap shoddy products from China is a *good* policy, IMHO. Don't you know that importing made-in-China rubbish removes the possibility of creating American jobs and helps to destroy labor's bargaining power? Every time we buy that crap we're helping globalists make us more poor. Wouldn't it be nice to have our manufacturing sector back?

    As for destroying the NEA - yeah, that's awful. It sounds a lot like Trump's buddy Antonio Macri, the current president of Argentina, who has been spending his term in office destroying the cultural institutions as well as the federal safety net so carefully constructed by his predecessor, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

    I think what we've got for a president is an opportunistic huckster, a crude uncultivated oaf and a boor. But I think the opposition are engaging in a lot of shadow-projection when they insist that everything the boor does flows from a wellspring of pure satanic motiveless Sauron-like evil, and therefore must necessarily be unmitigated eeviil. They'll have to develop a more insightful analysis than that if they want to succeed the next time around.