Friday, January 20, 2017

"About Race"

Well it's like this. As I hope you know race really isn't my hobby...yeah I know what time it is. I fully know where I am, and who I am. However I don't bathe in it. That's what killed a certain radio station we used to like.

Racial Justice for me would be that I could walk down the street in peace eating an ice cream cone window shopping, and not get shot or be stopped on suspicion...which has been happening to me since I was six.


What they thought I was suspicious of other than sucking my thumb I can't imagine. This is where we were, and still are however this has not led me into Ethnic Chauvinism. Which is to say being a "New Afrika" sort of angry bigot.

I don't like Race Politics ...of 'any' kind by anyone..

As for traditional political solutions Black reps are crooks like all the others. They have 'no' interest in anything, but themselves, and getting re-elected. I expect 'NOTHING' from them, and in over 40 years I have 'not' been disappointed.

Getting Racial Justice from 'anywhere from 'anybody' is like buying a Lotto ticket.
You have more chance of being hit by the Moon falling out of the sky while hitting a home run at Yankee Stadium, and simultaneously winning on "America Has Talent" for playing a James Brown hit on a Tuba!

Well okay maybe you 'can' hit that home run, but that tuba act will seriously stink, and then there's that 'Moon' thing. So Racial Justice in America ought to be here some time in the 38th century. ...or maybe the 50th.

Btw I never liked Marcus Garvey.

Yeah I know some actually worship the guy. Even call him "Messiah". Good bleeping grief. People are addicted to Gawds. The more demented the better.
For me that Napoleon hat and those scary bully boys he had around him freaked me out...I mean since I was little.

Naw he was bad news on skates.

(...and 'that' is my feeling on bleeping Race.)...or part of it.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Nobody should have to put up with shit because of what ethnic background they come from. That guy spitting in your soda when you were a little kid was performing a vile, disgusting, violent act, very degrading, not least to himself.

    After becoming obsessed with that adorable young flamenco dancer, I read up a bit about gypsies, and as I've mentioned before, it turns out they put up with a lot of shit. Many white Europeans are very racist against them. I was pretty shocked how bad it is.

    Romanies have a strong sense of their identity, and generally marry only among themselves. If they didn't do this, there would soon be none, because in most places they're quite a small proportion of the population, so they would be absorbed into the majority within a few generations, and their distinctive culture would vanish. So they tend to be rather tribal in their outlook, because they don't want that to happen. I think Jews also have remained a people after thousands of years because they pretty much do the same thing.

    So I suppose one might say people have a right to be tribal if they want to; although it seems to have its drawbacks and hazards.

    Which raises the question - what about white people? It seems to be nominally accepted that people of Celtic or Scandinavian or Slavic or even German heritage are permitted to take pride in that; but white people as a group? Where do we draw the line between legitimate, acceptable pride in one's ethnic and cultural heritage, a normal sense of identity - and white supremacy? And what about supremacist tendencies in other groups? Chinese and Japanese cultures, for instance, are by no means free from racist attitudes, I've heard. I've also observed that even the oppressed can easily become oppressors, given the opportunity. Anyone can be a racist.

    I've occasionally encountered online material which suggests that white racist ideology as we know it today was developed intentionally and systematically by the white ruling class during colonial times. The story goes that they wanted to drive a wedge between underclass whites and black slaves. They'd imported a lot of European indentured servants from their own countries, whom they exploited ruthlessly, and early on there existed the danger (from their point of view) that these latter might recognize an economic interest in common between themselves and the black slaves, and might make alliance with them in the political sphere. So their masters invented an ideology to bamboozle underclass whites into thinking they had something to gain by helping their social superiors to oppress blacks - clearly, with great success. Right to the end of the antebellum South, poor whites supported the slave system when it was obvious that others, not they, were benefiting from it economically.

    I haven't done the research to confirm or disprove this narrative, but I'm inclined to believe it. For one thing, societies from other periods of history have not operated in the same way. Ancient Romans enslaved all the peoples they conquered - yet their system, for all its brutality, did not rest on the sort of racial ideology we're familiar with. They did not have, to anything like the extent we have had, the notion that anyone is inherently superior or inferior to another on account of race - or so have read.

    I think it would be a good idea to compost this particular idea. It's done more than enough harm already. I also think it's probably a good idea to deep six the notion that people of European descent are inherently racist. When you think about it, isn't that also a racist conception - that some group of people, by reason of their birth, have some inborn vice in common?

    Maybe the coming coming dark age, for all its incipient horrors, may have an upside, if by it we can dump this particular rotten idea.


  2. P.S. - Marcus Garvey - yeah, I get the impression he just wanted to slap the other cheek, in addition to being a wannabe proto-Idi Amin.


  3. Here's how it's been for the Roma:


  4. G-d love save, and cherish the Roma.

  5. Yeah!