Saturday, January 21, 2017


We are in a near impossible situation. This has become more, and more a religious struggle than a political secular one. We from history know how these work themselves out. The opposition at least the opposition to a secular diverse open society believes that G-d Almighty is on their side, and hates the open society.

For now through a quirk in our constitution they have complete control for the next several years. A period in which they would do a profound amount of damage to the entire notion of diversity, and secularism.

We will survive it, and repair the hateful damage. However this will not solve the schism in this the Republic. What will short of a long bloody asymmetrical civil war I do not know.

Perhaps a partition as India did when they achieved Independence. That is a separation between Hindus, and Muslims. The formation of Pakistan, and India as different nations.

That or a more moderate solution of keeping the Nation intact like Canada, and Quebec. The recognition of parts of the republic as distinct cultural enclaves. As in Canada recognizing the French, and Native portions as distinct.

The latter may be the only way for peace in this country.

This since neither will ever change the other's way of life.

Stay Tuned.

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