Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Showing Off"

Okay I feel like showing off. I posted this a few years ago,...I think. The top image is a drawing by French artist Jean Giraud aka Moebius.  The Angel is by your esteemed Editor, I met Mr. Giraud at the former "Science Fiction Shop" in downtown Manhattan in the early 1990's.

He was a seriously swell guy. Funny kind generous all the good stuff. I shoved one of my small books of Queer Angel porn at him. He was delighted!

(Name dropping ahead.)

I did the same to Quentin Crisp whom I got to know from his visits to that radio station I wasted 30 years at. Anyway he dug my crap too. "...delightfully naughty." said the Queen of the Lower East-side!  

However to Moebius.

He was in town pushing his latest books, and a show of his stuff uptown. However he had a reputation of encouraging new artists of which I was one at the time. Hey I had no shame so like I sez I shoves my stuff right at 'em.

To the annoyance of the big shots around him, but to my delight Mr. Giraud dug my winged scratches. Though he said I needed to study more see the works others, and try different mediums.

I was just doing pen, and ink at the time.

He gave pointers about the variability of line the brevity of content neat jazz like that. He also spoke of the tools of the trade. Types of pens inks brushes assorted kinds of paper board canvas, and such.

He even,...get this. 

He even said the he noticed that I liked the "boyish form". To which I heart-fully agreed. He said there were, that time anyway, a number of artists in Europe exploring the same subject.

He actually wrote down, and gave me the addresses of a few. One of whom remains a dear friend to this day. (...I lost that note sadly.)

Well that's pretty much the story of my "Moebius" encounter. The store guys, and Mr. Giraud's handler gave me a polite bums rush...fuck'em, but never mind. Before I was shoved aside Mr. Giraud made a personal drawing for me, see top illustration, wow! It was cool to hang, and get an impromptu art lesson from a Master.

Ain't life Something.

Stay tuned.

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