Sunday, January 22, 2017

"The Mouse is Pissed"

Mickey is one pissed off rodent these days. Not only have those bastards at Disney extended their illegal copyright over all his work for the next 100 years. He was planning to give his stuff free to the world to screw with all they liked. As he said...

"...Art Belongs to Everyone!"

Not so with the greedy corporate sociopaths that run the country, and indeed the World!

"Mickey" the People's Mouse said at the "Fictitious Characters Congress" in Mexico City. 

"The time has come for 'Toons, and all imaginary beings from literature to act on behalf of the very Earth itself!"

"Them damned hairless monkeys have pushed Nature too far, and it's time out of sheer survival that we take matters into our Technicolor hands!"

Though Mickey acknowledges that the bulk of humanity are in general agreement with 'Toons that the Earth is in grave danger, and steps must be taken. Witness the Millions of swell folks that marched all over the country for the primal right of all Women, and to give that Pussy Grabber the finger.

Despite this sez Mickey, "...The time has passed for mere reform. We're dead ducks, no offense Donald. We 'Toons have a unique position in society, and it's time we used it."

"We enter the human psyche in a million subtle ways 24/7 365, and now we're going to use that advantage to save what's left of our World!"

Just what Mickey, and the World of Toons have in mind they're holding close to the chest. There are rumors of something called the "Toon Bomb". Goofy in an unguarded moment during an interview on "Meet the 'Toons" last Sunday let slip the term. 

When asked for an explanation he was hurriedly removed from the studio by his handlers.

"Ya damned moron you trying blow the deal?!" was overheard from one as they quickly left the facility, and drove away in a convoy of armored black SUV cars.

As for what this means we can only watch, and wait.

We return you now to "Sweetness, and Light" which is already in progress.

Stay Tuned.

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