Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Pink Dreams Rainbow World"

A friend does not believe in the concept of Transsexuality.

Especially when it come to young kids. She felt to force a feminine identity on boys who are really just gay is a crime against them, and an insult to women.

Well I always felt people should just be as they are, and be left in peace.

As for Trans-folks they as I say are who they are. The labels we use today are as inaccurate as the 19th century idea of the "Third Sex". The mysteries of orientation, and identity is only just now being explored. So much we just don't know about how we become who we are. In my opinion we're still lost deep in the Dark Ages of this field of understanding.

Me,...I say, and do the best I know.

As for genders, and orientations I think there are as many as there are people...roughly 7 billion.

As for kids the torment they pretty much 'all' receive from adults is a still unrecognized crime against humanity.

It is not impossible that that putting gender identity labels mistakenly on youngsters may also be a cruelty...we still just don't know.

Like we didn't know medical "Germ Theory" in the 15th century.

Till then the best we can do is be open kind loving, and accepting as much as we personally can.

Stay Tuned.

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