Thursday, January 26, 2017

"A Hot Time"

About the weather. Yeah lets talk about our damaged weather instead of our damaged nation. Climate Change ya know that thing that Mr. Trump, and his voters think is a Chinese Hoax. Well an effect of this thing that doesn't exist for the President of the United States, and 37% of this Republic.

That thing that isn't there has gave us another erratic winter with an equally bleeped up spring, and summer to come. sez da Weather channel.

( Btw these neat folks stood up to Trump when he lied about Climate Change.)

It's supposed to be the "dead of winter" yet spring is in the air. Much of the Northeast NYC region in particular has been in the 40f to 50f+ area for the whole of December, and January.

Eh with the two exceptions of when them Arctic Vortex things that skirted our area. Btw it's exactly 50f right at this moment. With as I say warm breezes fluttering my curtains, and yes it all has the scent of spring.

This in January which used to be called "The Dead of Winter".

So the planet to bleeped up our country is bleeped up the world's nations are bleeped up, and I have a terrific headache.

Hey so far so good.

Stay Tuned.

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