Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Union Park Gandhi Shrine"

The simple Gandhi Shrine was placed in Union Square Park back in the late 1980's This as part of the Park's latest renewal. It's had several in the past 160 years or so since it was set up.

Early in my radio daze I wanted my station,, to sponser a Neo'Be-in centered around the Gandhi statue.  

 It didn't pan out since the City wanted a Bond of $$$Zillions, and our insurance guy said '....Forget it!!" "Why can't you maniacs have a boatride like everybody else!"

Aw well. 

Btw I always thought the placement was off. The Gandhi Shrine should be more toward the center of the park near Washington, and his big horsey.  

Maybe in time. 

After all Washington has been moved around the park a few times.

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