Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Walking to Mid-Town"

Here are some random shots of stuff while walking up from 14th Street to midtown in Manhattan. I think I'll take the ferry to Staten Island, and look around'n take some pics.

The Ferry is still free so the price is right, and I have rather alot of time on my hands. I 'was' going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge today, but it was all gloomy cloudy with spritzing rain now'n then..yuck.

So if I'm up to it I'll do the Brooklyn Bridge, and Staten Island next. Mind you some comrades out there may be tiring of these field trips. That's okay I understand. 

However ya see these things are I guess more for me, and my close local pals..sorry if you're not into it. Don't worry I'll get back into rants, and pretty boys in a while. 

For now I'm adjusting to my seriously weird retirement era.  ...what fun.


  1. I am NOT tiring of those field trips. They are a love song to a city by a man deeply head over heels with it. Keep them coming, the more the better.

    "Staten Island Ferry???" Since when did "we" have a navy???

  2. Indeed, " the Navy...." The Village People said more than they knew with that song...ahem.

    Well okay more pixs of the sight coming up. I did the Brooklyn Bridge, but was too tired to make the to speak. Next week maybe.