Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Oh the Colors"

Btw in all the mayhem of my life these past few months I haven't been paying too much attention to the world. Well let's see. Syria is still murdering babies by the truck load.

Both sides are serious bad news. No matter who wins it's a nightmare for the people sort of like Egypt.  Ya know this whole "Arab Spring" thing we all had so much hope for just like that 99% thing here just ain't panning out how anyone hoped.

If I was into conspiracies I'd say they were both derailed by the Uber-Powers that own, and run everything. After all where would these spooks be if the PEOPLE...yeah in caps. If the People rose up, and took their lives their destinies into there own over for the spooky 1%.

There's that, and our pals the Tea Party, as opposed to normal human Republicans. The Tea Party nut jobs are still at it taking food away from the poor, and the vote away from colored folks. Swell.

Well okay everything is exactly as I left it when my life began to unravel in the late spring. Here we are near Fall's start with stuff just as fucked...actually a tad more fucked.

I could say some demented crazed stuff now, but the NSA would read about a ten dozen "flagged words or phrases", and kick down my door to say hello.

So mums da woid.

Instead take some peyote, and mind meld with me. Yeah that's it. See what I'm thinking about them 1% or actually 0.000001% that's fucking up the works?

You do...good.

Bleep you NSA!

Stay Tuned, and keep doing them buds. Yep hallucinogenic dope the 99%'s Western Union!.

...where's my hat?


  1. My impression is that Syria is a proxy war cooked up by the CIA and/or other spooks, aimed at domination of the region and its oil resources. The real rival in this case is Russia, which operates a major port on the Syrian coast. Antagonizing Russia is one of the stupidest things our government could do, so naturally that's what it's doing.


  2. Oh, BTW, Arab Spring was basically a bunch of food riots by ordinary folks who've been badly squeezed for the basics of life by ever-escalating prices caused by a shrinking global economy. The idea that democracy is breaking out all over there is a half-baked fantasy served up by a delusionally mendacious western press.


  3. P.S. - Peyote's great stuff, but LSD doesn't make you barf and do that purging business. Someone should put it in the Congressional water supply to make them think more clearly and give spiritual uplift to those who are otherwise hopelessly debased.


  4. Oh yeah..right I forgot about the "Vomit-Barrier" that comes with Peyote. Heroin has the same thing. I'd advice use of the former rather than the latter.

    As for LSD it's good if you can get "clean" doses. I have Dead Heads as pals so I'm okay. However always be careful with this stuff.

    'Wish they'd just re-legalize all these additives so there'd be proper quality controls.