Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Union Square Park"

I love Union Square Park. It has a hell of a history. Google it. In my time the early 1970's it was a rundown cesspool of cheap drugs rape murder, and all the other swell stuff government abandonment brings.

As the City came back so did the park thank the G-ddess! It's a convenient place to sit read eat hot dawgs, and or just watch the passing parade that can only be seen in the Emerald City.

One can become involved in all manner of socio-politcal mayhem here which is this park's tradition. Which leads me to introduce Mr. Haddley up there.

Comrade Haddley is a traveling Jester Madman, and Magician.  He used to design programs at he sez. Wouldn't be surprised. Anyway he found himself out here making magic freaking folks out informing, and amusing them as well.

I think such as he are Saints. He, and those we call mad are from the same DNA soup bowl as artists dreamers the better leaders, and academics...ya see where I'm going.

Had a swell chat for a while. I offered some dough or a meal for taking his picture. He said no because he could tell I was family.  I was honored to be seen as brethren to the Mad, and Blessed.


  1. ...forgot to mention how much I like the "flying saucer" subway entrance they put in some years It's the top pix in the post.

  2. Huzzah for Haddley!