Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Our Bridge"

Okay here's the problem. As you can see from the top photo the narrow pedestrian walk is shared with bikes. Thank you Mr. Bloomberg. If everybody played nice no problem, but this is New York.

The bikers yeah many of them...I was going to be nice, and say some, but fuck'em. These folks have road rage against the people walking the bridge. 

I witnessed a bunch of these clowns all done up in racing gear numbers, and all flying across. One of the fuckers clipped a baby stroller, and didn't stop. I can tell you that got a reaction from the crowd.

Fortunately the kid wasn't hurt the stroller was clipped not knocked over, but the shit didn't stop neither did the other "racers"...btw there's no security on the bridge.

Okay, okay a lot of the bikers are nice ordinary folks that ring the handle bar chiming bell when they pass a crowd. 

However the racing health nuts, and yeah that day there was a bunch of them are selfish fuckers. Anyway these bleeps need to be dumped over the side of the bridge by the enraged masses.

Otherwise it was a nice walk with all sorts of swell folks from all over the world. There was this nice older couple from Brazil that asked me to take their picture. They were real sweet folks.

'Though I'm sure they'd join with the rest of us in dumping the racer jerks into the river.

The End.


  1. It's simply outrageous that Godzilla has never been known to attack this bridge. Doesn't he know an icon when he sees one?

  2. I know what you mean. Even in the version they did about 10 years ago 'Zilla tears the whole town apart, but mostly leaves the bridge alone...he runs part way across it, and drops dead.

    I always wondered how they hauled the big guy off there.

  3. Hey, watcha been up to Unc? Long time no see.

  4. Aw ya know just hanging out wandering around trying to figure this new part of my life out. If I didn't mention you know now I'm only posting once or twice a week these days.

    I'll get more regular as time goes on. Just now I need space.

    Loves ya all.

    Stay Tuned.