Friday, August 29, 2014

"A Comment from the Editor"

Greetings Dear Comrades! I just looked at the stats for this page, and noticed a lot of folks are coming back since I've started posting regular again.  Thanks that's seriously cool.

About a thousand or so since I came back at the beginning of this week. Btw it doesn't seem to be reflected by the numbers on the right there, but on BlogSpot it never does.

Still by 'net standards 1000 or so are perhaps modest numbers, but bleep that I loves ya all! 'Course I could get tens of thousands a day by posting naked people...that would be fun, but would get this place deleted in two seconds.

Long time fans have seen that happen around here any number of times before I realized the limitations on free expression when the site is "free".

So maybe I should get around to finally getting that independent website thing finally cooking. Yeah yeah promise promises.  All I'll say is I'll get around to it.

Anyway thanks for being there.

Stay Tuned.


  1. You're a regular daily stop for me. And fwiw, I am disappointed when I don't see a new post. :)

  2. Hey thanks!

    Well these daze what with my new, and gleefully very functional computer I'm posting till the cows come home. If you 'don't' hear from me you'll know I'm 'really' far so good.

    Loves ya all.