Thursday, August 28, 2014

"My Day so Far"

I just had a light meal of peaches grapes rye bread mineral water, and thoughts of steak, and eggs. Yep so far so good. Listening to Mozart on WQXR the last...I think, classical station around. Doing some simple sketches of Angel Boys, and Faeries.

What the hell else would I draw?

As soon as I learn how to connect, and use my printer/scanner I'll post my stuff as I do it. Should be fun. Taking it easy. This was a down week for me. Yuckiness, and a lot of meds.

Stay Tuned.


  1. From Trader Joe's:

    1 bar sugarless dark chocolate

    1 carton nonfat Greek yogurt

    From anywhere:

    1 basket of fresh strawberries

    Wash & slice strawberries. Melt chocolate (I use two pans for a double boiler). Slather yogurt on strawberries. Pour melted chocolate on top. Consume.

    You'll be surprised how good it is. Make sure it's Greek yogurt; that way even non-fat it'll be all creamy & yummy.


  2. Thanks Z. you're a real pal. I'll try some of your suggestions. I really don't like the "Yuckiness" it gets in the way of making trouble. Btw thanks to you, and esp. to all the dear comrades that are coming back now that I'm posting regular again.