Friday, August 29, 2014

"Is it Snowing Yet"

Look I like the fall colors'n all, but I just want to get to winter, and have done with it. So cold ya windows crack. So cold you can leave meat loaf on your window sill till spring. So blessedly cold all the buttholes crawl back under their rocks.

Summer was a huge headache seasoned with too much humidity. Fall which is shorter thanks to climate change is for me too confusing. Lets just do winter so we can all calm down, and hibernate.

Certainly this country can use the sleep. What with all the retro-race riots, and general disappointment in the air. Don't get me started about my hero Obama the Kenyan Reptilian Muslim Space Alien Human/Grey Hybrid.

Oh gawd! What I would give for a big greasy triple bacon cheese burger with fries deep done in butter!  ...HECK 'EVERYTHING' DEEP FRIED IN FRIGGING BUTTER!!!

'But no I'm chained to Healthy crap..."Bugs Bunny" food. Sure I go off the wagon now'n then, but pay for it big time when my blood sugar stuff goes nuts, and I start dying all over again.

Why can't health food taste like grease!?

Stay Tuned.

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