Friday, August 29, 2014


Still tinkering on my upcoming one person "Witness for Peace" vigil next to the Gandhi statue in Union Square park. '...working on the design for the banner/poster.

Something with a dove, and not too many words.

Also a very simple weird funny snarky leaflet. I thought of putting pictures of naked people on it so folks won't throw it away...maybe not. 'Could get busted.

I mentioned this mayhem on my Facebook page, and some pals say they want in...good. I need some one to take pictures when the cops taser, and beat the bloody crap out of me for being a commie peacenik trouble maker.

Some folks just can't take a joke.   

Anyway the launch date is early October. On the off chance that World Peace breaks out before I get out there I'll be ready with an alternate banner, and leaflets celebrating the apparent beginning of the Golden Age.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Good going Sidney! I can't wait for the Golden Age to begin. What took it so long?


  2. Not so fast I said "if" World Peace broke out. As far as I know we're still in the shit so calm down. If the good times start rolling you'll be the first I call. ...have ice cream, and party hats handy just in case.