Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Doctor No!"

Greetings comrades. Well like I said down below somewhere I was sick as a dog. I think yesterday morning. Well I took my meds, and now I'm as happy as a hop head in a tub of Angel Dust, and Whiskey!

'And like said "hop head" I'm totally wasted. The down side of some of the more or less life saving action I'm legally taking is that it leaves ya like the walking un-dead.

Yeah I know that sounds like it would be fun,...but it ain't.

Aw man I'm all zombie out. I spent the last day mostly in bed having weird dreams. I think I was in one about the upcoming Tribulations. Naturally I wasn't raptured into Heaven with the Tea Party, and all the Algebra teachers.

I wandered the ruined streets of a frozen hellish New York barefoot in the frigging slush. Why can't I dream about the fairyland of free tuition, and scary clowns?

Anyway this whole post is a digression so chill.

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