Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"The City Sleeps",...with one eye open.


It's getting near 3:00 am Emerald City time. I was just sitting out on my fire-escape taking in the night air. It's somewhat less toxic, and cooler at night. A touch of humidity though. It's supposed to be in the 90's tomorrow...swell.

The things one hears in our urban night. Late night TV from open windows distant fire trucks not so distant police cars. The occasional hoodlum cackling over whatever the rumble of subways, and cats. No doubt planning their eventual revolt.

...and crickets.

Due to the wrecked economy folks around haven't been having their lawns, and backyards done as they used to. So a lot of them have gone wild. Fine with me I like the smell of growing things, and so apparently do the crickets.

Did I mention low flying jetliners on their way to JFK? Yeah they're out tonight too. I think I'll take my life in my hands, and go for a walk...wish me luck.

Be back later.

Stay Tuned.

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