Monday, August 25, 2014

"Oh Charlie"

Yes I'm obsessed. So what. Look I could be taking in stray raccoons or cats. I could be wandering around malls dressed in garbage bags screaming about socialism.

I could be doing ice cream sodas Speed or Heroin. Instead my demented interest is in a French fashion model that's the toast of most of Europe, and certain parts of the outer boroughs of the Emerald City. 

Okay maybe I should spend my time collecting Faberge Eggs or starting my own see below. But it's more fun dreaming about unattainable beauty.

That swell stuff is as fleeting as blossoms in spring or the fiery leaves of October. This only makes it all the more desired. Read that "Death in Venice" thing or better yet just see the film...if you can find it.

It explains everything. So does btw the "Blue Angel".  As I say in a post concerning our hero below..."I have No Shame".

Who needs it.

Stay Tuned.

(....okay now I'm really going to bed. ...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...)


  1. This is it! Make Charlie the object of veneration of your home-grown religion. Faberge eggs are his cult objects (blessings & prayers inside, or sometimes chocolate bonbons), and his icons often show him with a cat. (Skip the raccoons, they're not that cuddly.)

    Or to project a more dynamic divinity, you could show him like this:


  2. Well the plan at the moment is to use our pal the swell gal the G-ddess as the central Mommy figure with assorted saints prophets, and holy guys added on as needed. Charlie is for sure a big time Angel saint magic spook sort of lad.

    I need to think thinks over about the details..ya know holy objects robes holy hats special underwear like the Mormons that sort of thing.

    Btw glad you're around comrade