Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"The Brooklyn Garden"

I've been going to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden since I was maybe six. I love the place. Also unlike so much in town it's still the same...actually better.

Faeries live here. Sprites of all types. Formations of Dragonflies' blossoms the Japanese pond, and security in electric carts to make sure you don't fuck the place up.

Back in the day I used to come here to draw those Angels, and Faeries you can see on my Queer page. It's a magical peaceful oasis. I don't often wax so sweet about anything in this hell hole, but for the Garden yes I do.

They make a big noise about the Bronx Garden. Because of that it's thick with tourists, and expensive. Brooklyn's is quiet low density, and cheap. Free twice a week.

Used to be free all the time, but the State cut off the funding at some point so they has to charge a nominal entrance.'s more than worth it, and like I sez it's free for proles like me on Tuesday, and Saturday. Totally 'Free' between October, and April.

See more posts about the Garden further down. "Barefoot in the Park", and more.

I just loves it there.

Stay Tuned


  1. What beautiful gardens Sydney. Where I live they are few and far between.
    Love ya ... glad to see you back.

  2. Sydney,
    Missing you on "Saturday Morning With The Radio On".

  3. Hi Lukas. Thank for coming by. Yes I do love our garden! Well for now I'm retired from my radio life. It's been near 36 years with Pacifica, and a few other outfits...I'm tired. I want to do other things with the time I still have.

    Though yes I may appear here, and there in the future...I'll let you know.