Friday, August 29, 2014

"I Have this 'Thing' about Dragonflies"


Angels too. Consult my Queer pages about that. However yeah Dragonfly folks. They been around almost as long as Angels if the Bible, and related parchments are anything to go by.

Close up they may seem scary...Dragonfly's I mean. Well okay Angels can be a handful if you ain't expecting them. Demons too come to think of it. Actually I've had more truck with them Demon guys than any other sort of spiritual entity.

Weird bunch them. Always pissed off about this or that. Sort of like them clerks down at the DMV when the air conditioning breaks down.
Okay granted my more serious encounters with them guys was while I was full of all sorts of powerful drugs.

I remember once after about 12 hours or so of Coke/Meth cocktails this thing shows up making animals noises, and pushing the furniture around. All I said was, "...ya gotta be kidding me", took a valium chaser, and went to sleep.

Well that or passed out.

When I got up...a few days later. Everything was back where it was supposed to be. So what was all that about other than an interesting hallucination. Though any number of other encounters with spirits from above, and below are less easily brushed off.

We've all had amazing shit happen to us we can't explain...even without drugs. That's the wonder of life. Like Einstein said, "...I wonder at the mysteries."

Yeah me too.


  1. For sound tips on dealing with demons, check out the writings of Lon Milo Duquette. Thing is, he says, we're always cutting deals with 'em, whether we realize it or not.


  2. Thing about Demons, and Angels is that they work for the same Boss. Probably in the same union too. They all know each other all have history, and neither of 'em like us all that much. I don't know how them Angel maniacs ever got the Hallmark account. I mean what with their smiting everybody on the Bosses say so all the time. Like the good Nuns used to say, "...It's a Mystery". It's also a foul crock of bleep.