Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Getting Peace Ain't Easy"

Remember my mentioning a few times this summer that I would get to all the blood splattered mayhem that's been going on in the world. Ukraine Sudan Palestine Israel Iraq, and the demented race war in this country.

Like many I just want to shut the whole damned thing off, and go to the movies. Hey I'm sixty-bleeping-four years old, and a 1960's veteran. I did my bit let the kids handle this one. Unfortunately it don't work like that. Visions of the Isis maniacs running around slaughtering, and gleefully hacking off heads.

Whole villages butchered.

Just like the Nazi era the Cambodian Killing Fields Rwanda, and the Balkans in the 1990's. It's all happening again. The mass killings in the Sudan...bulldozers clearing away the bodies there are so many. Shades of the Nazi's again. Same in Iraq now. Ukraine about to join in as well.

What the fuck do sane people in relatively peaceful countries do when faced with this madness. Btw the examples mentioned are just a handful of what's going on. There are quiet genocides happening in too many parts of the world.

Yeah we try not to think about it. Try to go about our daily bullshit thankful that all we have to worry about is getting laid off, and higher taxes as the "0ne Percent" gets richer.

So here we are.

What the fuck can any of us do, and if we did it would it make any difference. How do you fight guys that think G-d wants them to hack off the heads of people...yeah kids'n babies too. I made the mistake of googling images of the Isis atrocities...don't do it. You can't un-see that stuff.

I've been so desperate I even prayed.

I took a long shot of hoping someone was listening. We'll see. Anyway the point of all this noise is that as I say I'm desperate.

So in the tradition of crazy people dressed in garbage bags pushing baby carriages  full of empty dog food cans while screaming about socialism.

In that worthy tradition I'm going public. That is I'm planning a one person witness for Peace down at Union to the Gandhi statue. (...see cute pics of our Hero I shot last year.)

Not sure of the costume if not naked. My gleeful nude beach days are decades in the past. I'm designing a banner poster thing. Just a dove, and the words umm..."Stop the Killing" or "World Peace" or some such easily ignored plea.

I figure I'll stand there for a while with the obligatory unreadable leaflets handy. That, and my State I.D library card, and W-2 Form on a sting around my neck to prove I'm not too nuts.

Yeah it needs work, but I'm really going to do it. This is part of the "new life" I'm trying to build. Anyway they'll be plenty of time to get this thing organized as the mass murder out there isn't likely to stop anytime soon.

I think Peace happens when there's no other choice.

Stay Tuned.


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