Monday, August 25, 2014

"Aw Crap"

Those of you good comrades out there that live with anxiety, and various sorts, and levels of depression know the "Aw Crap" moment. That's when all the insane shit you deal with creeps up on you for a spell.

Well it's just hit me again,..."Aw Crap".

Sometimes the meds don't do the job, and you just have to grit ya teeth, and ride the damned rapids till it's over. The good thing about the meds is that it's over in hours at worse a day or so.

As opposed to months before I got medical, and head shrinking help. So here I am at 5:30 am there 'abouts sitting up from the night before dealing with it. Usually I'll get to sleep at 10 or so, and sleep through the day.

Good thing I'm retired.

Expect more demented posts like this as we go on from here. I mean what with my cute brand new computer handy 24/7 now. Expect reports of weird dreams, and recipes for low sugar, and non salt delights...yuck.

What I fucking want is a thick ass steak broiled in butter, and covered with melted cheese whipped cream, and candy sprinkles. All of which I'll wash down with a root beer Dr. Pepper cream soda Pepsi Coke cocktail.

It may sound like lunch from Hell to you, but to me it's a taste of bleeping Heaven!

I'll have a double.

Btw, while I was writing this I was nuking a TV dinner. It melted..??!!!...I mean just that. The damned thing was half molten. It was the smell of fried plastic mixed with burnt meatloaf that got my attention. 

Hell I was hungry so I ate it anyway.

I Just scrapped away the melted plastic from the carbonized meat product, and scarfed down a meal of the semi undead which is what I am these daze.

Eh this is what I meant by the intimate details of my demented shenanigans appearing around here from now on. Um now that I think about that's what I've been doing all along.

Okay disregard this entire post except for the part about that swell giant streak. I'm, going to bed. See you this afternoon or more likely tonight. 

Ain't this fun.  

Stay Tuned.

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