Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"But is it Art? ...Yes Extreemly Bad Art"

( This from my Facebook page. A conversation about alleged Modern Art with pals.)

Terrence White

Being a die-hard 'Early Music' enthusiast, I'm convinced that most Twentieth Century "Classical Music" composers didn't "compose," so much as they DECOMPOSED, because they mostly STINK!

Sidney Smith

Modern art, and modern music became what they originally fought against. Both were once seen as breaths of fresh air in the closed up narrow realm of acceptable art. Now for a century or more they dominate with deliberate ugliness, and boredom.

They must be overthrown as they once over threw the dead hand of narrow tradition. Their error was devaluing 'everything' that came before them. They, and only 'they' the Modernists were authentic.

Oh yeah?

Down with Modern Art! The Killers of Beauty of Sanity!

On the other hand, I really like music like Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. I just bought my mom sheet music for the piano because she is a retired piano and organ teacher, and this is one peace of music that she idolizes.

Sidney Smith

Ahem,...there are of course exceptions of excellence in every revolution. ...not everything in modernism is John Cage or piles of torn newspapers dipped in pigs blood installations.

Right. Barber's famous "Adagio for Strings," for example.


If Modernism kept faith with what came before in a more consistent way things would be swell. As it is there's no room for anything, but them. Basically con-men that paint poka dots, and get $Millions for it or video themselves vomiting.

Some character did just that, and was taken seriously.

I watched in horror as a BBC art critic sat with this loon, and interviewed him as if the jerk were sane. I would have just slugged him live on the air, and kicked him out...which btw he would have loved, and used a video of the whole thing for his next demented installation.

Terrence White

Yes. Modernism has taught everyone that there are no standards of taste, no longer any discretion or discrimination (in the best sense of that term). And worse still - - this utter lack of standards has now carried over into the world of politics and public morals.

That's it! I'm suing!!

Make it a class action, because I'm right there with you!

Stay Tuned.

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