Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"One Nation"

All true. Read the "Nation" article below.

They the ignored white American underclass see this as a war of survival.

No treaty or reconciliation is possible. "Two men in one man out." It must have been like this on the eve of the first Civil War. No chance for our better Angels to work a deal. Bottom line is that Underclass White America sees their extinction on the horizon.

Btw a form of it is coming no matter what.

The numbers are just against them. It would take a genocide much larger than Hitler, and Stalin's combined to put a dent in it.

Their replacements are already on Earth breathing, and learning to read. The unwanted white poor or at least their kids, and grand kids will just be another ethnic group in a vast multifaceted America.

They will no longer be Lords or Masters of this House.

(...actually they never were. They were Confederate cannon fodder. Later the impoverished abused tools of Segregation. ...that's all.)

Now no one needs them.

On top of Rich White America leaving them to rot the ascendance of  Dark People has made them insane. They see this as a grotesque injustice by Rich America against them for allowing it.

So yes they're rebelling.

They will kill many injure many, but no they will never live in the Master's Plantation House. That house is being dismantled as I post, and you read. This despite the culturally inevitable appearance of Trump, and his movement of the forgotten.

So they march with their Confederate flags guns white hoods, and rejoice at what they 'think' is their return. Their imagined restoration of  the "Father Knows Best" era.

This as everyone else watches knowing that their rebellion is doomed no matter how many swastikas they crudely spray or the number of Queers Blacks Muslims, and others they beat up or murder.

They either join in the America that is Becoming, and make Common Cause for Justice with Everyone Else.

That or vive to be Masters, and become extinct.

Such is history.


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