Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Uncle Syd's Non-Violence as a Tactic. When to, and 'Not' to use it"

"Follow these Simple Rules for Liberation from Evil Fucks"

Non-violence only works when your opponent has a basic moral code. That's the whole point. You're appealing to their inner sense of morality, and justice.

That's your message to them.

This btw is why such tactics do not work on 'actual' tyrants. Eh, Presidents for Life Great Helmsman or Corporate CEO's.

That lot will just shoot you.

That bunch has no "morality" other than their power, and wealth. From their point of view the more imprisoned disappeared or shot the better. That's how they send "their' messages.

In these situations you either have a war of liberation or move to another country.

There's 'no' third option here.

As for situations where "N.V." will eventually work. Say in assorted Democracies or borderline tyrannies that still somewhat abide by the law.

I suggest the writings of Whitman Gandhi Emma Goldman Tom Paine Dr. King folks like James Baldwin Pete Seeger John Lennon, and Bessie Smith.

These are just suggestions. There's tons of others.

Astro Boy, and Whitman above. An unlikely pair, but they have much to say on the subject.

Stay Tuned.

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