Monday, December 19, 2016

"Will We Look The Other Way?"

The last time things got this insane world wide we called it WW2. Last time it took the armed might of half the planet , and years of desperate fighting to defeat evil. What this time? I fear everyone will just continue to look away.

Well the "slow boil" some say the world is in has now vaporized all the liquid in the pot. Which is why I say things are as terrible now as it was in the days just before WW2. Or in our case WW3.

Like the dawn of WW2.

Ethnic butchery monetary uncertainty unstable governments on the periphery the old democracies going far right...sound familiar? 

Btw what's our old friend WBAI radio, ( where I spent decades) saying about this with any coherence. I mean other than praising murderous thieving African Presidents for Life.

For the first time in years I wish I were still there to rant on the air of these realities...and of course say what bigoted semi-educated superstitious buffoons fill the rest of the station.

Eh,...but in a nice way of course.

Stay Tuned.

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