Monday, December 26, 2016


Well the Resident-Elect wants or seems to want,...I mean who knows. He wants a nuclear arms race. He thinks our stuff is too old, and too few. He wants more, and better...going against 30 years of slow reduction.


Well,...yeah okay. However just one of these items. Even the smallest in the bunch would ruin everybody's day really bad. What I mean is we can fry up anybody we want no matter what,...just not as many times as we'd like maybe.

I mean what with as I say our reductions by treaty of the stockpile.

On the other hand our subs the most reliable leg of the Tirade can deal with either Russia China both, and or anybody else that wants a taste of our canned sunshine. So we're okay in the "End of the World Department."

Listen. Is there 'anybody' over there that can talk sense to this guy?

Stupid question.

Stay Tuned.

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