Friday, December 23, 2016

"Lighting a Match"

I've been looking ahead, and wondering what the "Resident-Elect's" first State of the Union will be like. I mean other than him saying everything is "Bigly Awesome"

Actually 'he' himself will have done nothing.

Rather it's his rouges gallery of Evil Klowns from far right hell in his cabinet that will be murdering the Republic. 'He' will just be doing his road-show act.

Com'on his fans love that stuff.

I paraphrase what Keith Olbermann said in a slightly different context.

"Resident Trump will be amusing his gullible fans in Daffy Duck style by drinking a Gallon of Gasoline a bottle of Nitro Glycerin Chowing down on a pile of Gun Powder sucking down two gallons of Uranium 238,....then Lighting a Match.

"Test ya faith !" He'll say like con-men preachers do all over the Stupid Belt of this sorry failing Republic.

Stay Tuned.

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