Monday, December 12, 2016

"Most Visits From: France USA, and Россия

                                    Je vous remercie, Thank you,  Спасибо,


  1. Special for Sydney:

  2. I didn't watch...he's not my hero. That's all. Let's stay friends anyway. Btw I worked with the "Counter Punch" folks when I was with Pacifica. Hard line lefties which I no longer am. I'm just a guy that's all. No religion no ideology. I just want everyone to have good tasty food a TV a high speed connection books, and a decent place to live. Pretty non-partisan...or should be. Thanks for the trouble of posting though. I'll watch later. It's like with my younger sister. I'd give my life for her, but her religion is profoundly fucked we leave it alone. So lets do that.

  3. Oh,...and as you can tell I'm in a mood see the post above. But that's why everyone loves me.