Friday, December 16, 2016


Well as Keith sez in his video above about Alexander Hamilton. If Hillary releases all of her electors to a Moderate Republican. Caine or Romney perhaps. This with a moderate Democrat as Vice President. That, and if a suitable number of Republican electors also vote for this Moderate team the Nation would be spared Trump.

Hillary of course won't do this. She's part of the business as usual Democratic/Republican eternal government, and simply does not think in these terms.

The good of the nation the people are "Trumped" by their interests of power business, and wealth.

I warned on the radio air years ago that this stranglehold on the nation will result in an inevitable Revolution, but that it would come from the far right not the left. I was called on the carpet at the liberal radio station was on.

I was criticized by my station manager for making such an "unprogressive" statement.

Sadly, and tragically I seem to have the last laugh.

Such is our history.

Stay Tuned.

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