Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Toys That Time Forgot"

So clearly I have too much time on my hands. Not that I mind that much. It does a way the endless harassment's, and assorted crap of my former career. Still waitng for my severance, and alleged retirement benefits.

Btw sorry I only have two monsters in the cast...well three if you count the guy from "Alien". That's him up there in the "Beauty, and the Beast" routine. Actually he had trouble getting into character. He resents the type casting. Barbie was fine with it all.

Yeah maybe you noticed I'm slipping into a "Blog-noir" sort of thing. What with all the "Dino", and "Beast" stuff. There's even harder material I decided not to post. 

Heck I even deleted it from my camera it bothered me so much.

This involved bondage torture, and water-boarding of various Harry Potter characters Nazi action figures, and various non-traditional castings.

Gimme a break I'm going through some serious shit in through here. My only posting once or twice a week should tell you something.  

Aw don't worry I'll come out'a this.

Stay Tuned,...I loves ya all, well most of ya.

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