Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Candy Wrapper Sleep"

I sleep in a candy wrapper. Perhaps I should clarify. I sleep in one of those sliver Mylar sleeping bag Red Cross emergency  bedrolls. Comfy it is too. Back just after "Sandy" blew the hell living hell out of us the Red Cross handed out these handy survival bags.

I was looking for something, and came across mine in the hall closet. I forgot how neat it was...the bag not "Sandy". If the end of the world come 'round again that thing is going to come in real handy.

Heck it has everything. A hand crank radio tasty food bars water pouches toiletries of all sorts first aid stuff.  However no controlled meds. No anti-biotics which is stupid 'cause you're gonna need that, and no morphine.

Morphine is very useful, and serious fun in small doses.

As for my space age sleeping bag. Yeah it's just like the things the space guys sleep in. It reflects your body heat back to you. It's tissue thin, and works swell.

As for why I'm sleeping in this thing. Well having had the habits of more than 30 years abruptly changed by being forcefully retired. Naturally I've gone a tad nuts. All my routines as shot to hell. I'm unstuck in time. That, and my saner pals say, "'re in shock so chill."

Also my laundry is a month behind. 

I have absolutely Nothing Nada Zip to wear or sleep on!

I'm standing around, and suddenly I notice, "...hey what's that awful smell?" Then I realize it's my month's worth of fermenting laundry. So I just three trips, all my stinky stuff over to my pals at the Haitian drop off laundry place. 

Swell folks them.

I pick it up Monday...not looking forward to them three long trips. However it'll be like having new stuff! Aw the wonder of clean crisp sheets!

It don't take much to make me's a Zen thing.

Stay Tuned.

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